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Apparently I’m old fashioned in taste and obsessive beyond belief!

No sooner had I finished the cardigan (Wonder Years, for those who wonder about these things), and the yarn had jumped onto my needles and became a rather silly beret. Surely, I should be longing for a different yarn!

I made it up as I went along. I used Barbara Walker’s wind-blown leaf pattern from A Third Treasury, but I swapped the direction of the slant on the crown. I also whipped up a few leaves on i-cord because I felt it needed something else and a pom-pom wouldn’t cut it. It’s probably difficult to tell, but the brim is in the dark green, and the stretches of paler leaves are separated by a few rounds of dark green garter stitch.

I think it’s adorable, am in fact charmed by this silly hat, and I know 3yo Annie’s mother will think so too, but Murphy’s law dictates that the child will refuse to wear it.

Such is life!

Together they put me in mind of some child-sized version of an Agatha Christie heroine, trouping about the countryside in crisp tweeds accompanied by a large dog.

  • 10 June 2013
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