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172-181 of 293 Thoughts I Had While Watching Gilmore Girls For The First Time



"and we didn’t talk after that" is probably the saddest thing to say

not necessarily. I had an abusive friend who was completely taking over my life. She wanted me to change my major and become a nurse because being a psychologist or neuroscientist wasn’t “practical”. She would…

Gothic cupcake potholder with #fmq spider web. Lovely #aurifil ❤️


"Not all men are like that."

That’s fine. What are you doing about the ones that are?

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Anonymous said: What about losing weight? If you got thin you would love your body and clothes will look good on you.



I wasn’t even going to answer this, since it doesn’t even deserve to be posted, but I’ve got to make this public.

First of all, if you really feel such conviction in this belief, why are you on anon? Hint: it’s probably because you realize you’re being a total asshole and know people would respond directly to you. And, of course, you don’t want to deal with any repercussions. Nice. Real nice.

Moving on, your commentary makes no sense. You think thin people are happier with their bodies? Like they don’t struggle, too? The only reason they MAY struggle less is because of societal bullshit and the fact that “skinny” (as opposed to “fat”) is not a dirty word. But society wants EVERYONE to feel shitty about something about their body, otherwise how could they sell us shit?

Also, my clothes looks just fine on me already. Great, even. But even if it didn’t, my worth isn’t based off of what I look like, nor how my clothes looks. I could wear a fucking garbage bag every day and STILL have worth. Life isn’t about being the most socially-acceptable-looking or whatever. So fuck that notion, and fuck you for perpetuating it. 

Finally, I would much rather love my fat body than hate myself into being skinny. I will not hate my body just because you or anyone else tells me to. I am trying to treat my body and mind better, hopefully by eating healthier (more whole foods and whatnot), and maybe I’ll lose weight because of that. But that’s not my goal, and I won’t care either way. I just want to feel better, treat my body with more respect and stop hating it for no reason.

TL;DR: Kindly fuck off with your broken record bullshit. I’ll love myself and my body no matter what my weight, and you can go fuck yourself for trying to make me feel otherwise.

My little sister is the best. Go check out her body-positive blog and show her some support.


why are people so worried about if feminism hates men and not worried about how men virulently and violently hate women and commit acts of violence against them

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